COFRUTOS, S.A. is a company whose main activity is the packaging of natural juices of fruits and vegetables, as well as juices based on purees. The company can also package a large variety of beverages.

The most important commercial brands owned by the company are "Cofrutos" and "Molinera"

Cofrutos offers to their customers a wide range of fruit varieties of juices and formats, made with the best raw materials and following the most careful production processes, making healthy, nutritious and natural foods.

Cofrutos' priority is to increase the range of Premium quality products; Squeezed juices, Nectars with added natural sugars, Juices and Nectars with vegetables and Juices and Nectars with "functional" supplements.

The company was legally constituted in 1960 as Agricultural Cooperative, dedicating itself only to the conserve of apricot.

In 1963 the company changed his name to "Cooperativa Fruticonservera de Murcia Limitada"; it is in this year when the company begins to introduce itself in the commercialization of fruit nectars in 200 ml and 1 liter glass containers and in 200 ml tin cans.

The first packing machine of Tetra Pak with which begins to produce fruit nectars is acquired in 1986.

The company adopts the definitive name of COFRUTOS, S.A. in 1988 and it is in this year when the commerce experiences a growth at national level, increasing the consumption of liters per inhabitant. Since then, more packaging machines were purchased from the Tetra Pak company mentioned above and the diversity of flavors and formats increased.

At present, the company continues basing its business on the packaging of all types of juices, nectars and beverages in various formats, both in glass and Tetra packagings.

It is the policy of COFRUTOS, S.A.  to ensure that their products are in accordance with the established standards and specifications, since we consider that these products are a good available to our customers and that the quality and safety of them are essential for the company.